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*Yellow cherry-Apple-Pineapple, 

*Apple-Cherry Pie

​​Five 5-pks  / $22.50

Single 5-pk / $5.00 each 

 Assortment Pkts of 5 Fruit Roll Ups

Plum Good Roll-Up:  made only with plums grown organically.  .5 oz ea                                    No sugar.        25 / $22.50

Apple-Cherry Pie Roll-Up:  made only with apples grown organically, Washington grown sour cherries and cane sugar (non-organic), cinnamon and almond extract (organic). .5 oz ea    25 / $22.50               

Strawberry or Raspberry Roll-Up made only with strawberries or raspberries (which ever is available) grown organically. .4-.5 oz ea             No sugar.      25 / $22.50 

Yellow Cherry-Apple-Pineapple Roll-Up:made only with Rainier cherries and apples grown organically. sweetened with Dole pineapple juice (non-organic).  .5 oz ea                                 No sugar         25 / $22.50                                                             

Plum-Pineapple Roll-Up:  made only with plums grown organically and sweetened with Dole pineapple juice (non-organic).  .5 oz ea       No sugar.                     25 / $22.50

Apples Crisp Roll-Up:  made only with apples grown organically, cinnamon, and  nutmeg. .5 oz ea No sugar. 25 / $22.50

Dried Fruit Roll-ups    No Preservatives / Gluten Free            

Dried with low heat to preserve enzymes and flavor.  All spices and extracts used are organically certified.  

       Quality,  Delicious,  Nutritious  Fruit  Products.

*Plum Good, 

Paradise Farms

*Apple Crisp,