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   5 / $35.00 each​​       $175.00 Total

Gift Pack


Fruit Roll-up 5 pack. 1/2 oz + each

Plum Good,  Plum-Pineapple,  Apple Crisp,  Raspberry,  Yellow Cherry-Apple-Pineapple.

Made with organically grown cherries, apples, pears, strawberries and plums dried with low heat to preserve enzymes and flavor.    (see Dried Fruit Roll-Up page for individual descriptions) 

Naturally Dried fruit mix: 8 oz pack        apples,  pears  &  plums

Organically grown apples, pears and plums, harvested and handled with care, then processed with low heat to preserve flavor and enzymes.    No Sugar.     

GOURMET DRIED PIE Cherries 4 oz pack

Tastes like cherry pie. Organically grown pitted tart cherries processed with almond extract, cinnamon and non-GMO cane sugar only, and then dried with low heat to preserve enzymes and flavor.

Both Gift Pack and Gift Basket include  the following fruit products:

Naturally Dried Bing Cherries 4.5 oz pack

Organically grown black cherries harvested at the peak of ripeness and dried with low heat to preserve enzymes and flavor.   No sugar.

Gourmet Dried Rainier Cherries 4.5 oz pack

Organically grown yellow cherries, pitted,  sweetened with pineapple juice only and dried with low heat to preserve enzymes and flavor.   No sugar. 

​  All products are made with organically grown apples, pears, plums or cherries and organically certified spices and extracts.

                           The Gift Pack is artfully displayed in a 11" X 8" X 4" box for easy mailing in a medium flat rate box.

                  Included is a fragrant bouquet of dried lavender sprigs and a note-card for your own personalized greeting.              

Paradise Farms

All products are preservative and gluten-free.

Assorted Farm Mix gift-pack and Basket

        $39.95  Each

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All products contain only naturally grown ingredients with no chemicals.

Gift Card note to recipient

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GOURMET PIE Cherry Jelly  8 oz jar

Tastes like cherry pie. Made with organically grown tart cherries processed with almond extract, cinnamon, pectin and non-GMO cane sugar only.

$39.95  Each


   5 / $35.00 each​​       $175.00 Total

Gift Basket

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